For well over 100 years Thornton has been renowned for its choral tradition.


100 years ago the original Thornton Vocal Union was founded, but unfortunately had to disband in 1915, probably due to the trauma of the First World War.


All the several village churches were noted for their excellent choirs and from these, choirs were formed mainly to sing secular music for pleasure and occasionally in competition.


After the Second World War, local choirs were regularly performing, both male voice and mixed voice.  In this background some 38 years ago a second Thornton Vocal Union was formed drawing on singers from Thornton’s and surrounding areas.


Steadily the award winning choir has expanded, having a large and varied repertoire and earning an excellent reputation in concerts from County Durham to Wales.


The choir's original Musical Director was James Burchill followed by John H Marshall who conducted the choir for 30 years.He was followed by Tim Knight, then by Marion Flaxman.  As from 2011 David Mawson took over as Musical Director of the now renamed Thornton Singers, he retired in December 2018 and we were able to engage a new enthusiastic young Musical Director John Lyon.In 2019 John moved due to his new career based in Sheffield and was unable to make the journey back to Bradford,but before he left he recommended and introduced another talented young man Kit Orange.who took us forward to the sad time when we had to suspend rehearsals due to the covid pandemic.

We resumed rehearsals on the 8th September 2021 but Kit had moved away and was no longer able to work with us.


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