For as long as he can remember Tony has had an affinity for good music, ranging from Gilbert & Sullivan, to Mantovani, Strauss, Verdi, Puccini, with 'some' pop, such as Abba and the Carpenters.

He and his wife Judy love the musicals with Phantom and Les Miserables topping the list, they met while doing the Gondoliers and they still love the 'comic operas'. Tony has also done some amateur acting including Shakespeare but that was a long time ago.


Tony's education was County Modern and thus didn't go to University, but he did attend Leeds Tech for further education, gaining 'O' levels, a Higher National Certificate, and a City & Guilds. He started work in Leeds with an engineering company making textile machinary but didn't take to shift work so went into retail as a carpet salesman, he worked for Matthias Robinson (Leeds), Hunter & Smallpage (York), and Brown Muff's (Bradford), after a spell with Firth's Carpets in Brighouse.


A complete change in direction came in 1974 when he was offered a position as a pharmaceutical representative with an American company Norwich-Eaton Ltd, knowing absolutely nothing about medicine he took to it like a duck to water even though there was a fantastic amount of in-depth medical knowledge to be learned. Within 5 years Norwich-Easton was taken into the massive Proctor & Gamble organisation and became P & G Pharmaceuticals bringing onto the maket a treatment for Osteoporosis.


In the thirty years that Tony worked with P & G he promoted over 15 major drugs, some of which were innovative treatments and new to the market, his job being to introduce these to Consultants, Nurses, Pharmacists, and General Practitioners.


Tony has always been passionate about photography (he is also the choirs official photographer), is a Rotarian, a Parish Councillor, an artist, and a dry stone waller. Through his work with P & G he was trained in public speaking and taught a great deal about computers. He was born in Middlesbrough in 1941, did all his schooling in Scarborough followed by 11 years in Leeds before moving to York. He and Judy were married in 1968, had a brief spell in Stockport before moving to to Wilsden in 1969/1970, where they have remained.

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Tony Caunt  L.R.P.S.