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John Marshall 


                                      John was the Musical Director of Thornton Vocal Union

                                      for over 30 years.



                                      His musical career began at the tender age of six when

                                      he received piano lessons and well remembers

                                      practicing one hour each day - every day!



                                       After leaving school, John decided on a career in  

                                      Architecture, eventually becoming a partner in a firm of

                                       local architects.


His musical interest developed in choral singing and, later, in conducting.  He developed the choir over the years, taking them to a wide variety of venues for concerts, including Anglesey, Scarborough, Lancaster,Morecambe,Cleethorpes, Stanley in Northumberland and many more, sometimes sharing the stage with such luminaries as the Black Dyke Band, Sellers International Band, and many others well known names.


John's interest in the choir is also shared by his wife, Jean, who sang with the Sopranos for over 30 years.






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